About Viper Industrial

Viper Industrial is a family owned and operated business stationed in Bonnyville, Alberta. We provide industrial cleaning services to many industries, including the energy sector, pulp and paper mills, and marine industries. Originally, Viper only had a single vac truck, but over the years we have grown to have a fleet of over 30 trucks. 

Our goal is to Invest in people and equipment to evolve and lead the industrial cleaning service field. 

Our company is our family, and as such we work to help those around us and provide a workspace that is safe, supportive, enjoyable, and fulfilling. We are passionate about constant improvement and growth, that’s why we have such a strong focus on training, learning new techniques and technologies, and finding the best solutions to problems.

Our Values

Safety and Security

Viper Industrial is an industry leader when it comes to OH&S standards within Alberta. We strive to build safety conscious industry leaders who promote not only safety diligence at work but take this outlook home as well. Viper Industrial is a COR certified partner with the ACSA and is committed to creating a proactive health and safety culture in the workplace to improve efficiency overall for our customers. We have proudly not had a safety incident or lost time since 2016.

Profound Impact

At Viper Industrial, we want to profoundly impact all stakeholders so that our company shines as truly legendary. We want to profoundly impact client operations with efficient and effective service. Our legendary impact is found in improved equipment longevity, employees’ personal and professional growth, and in our client relationships as we demonstrate the power of our collective effort to effect positive, ground-breaking work.

Putting People First

Viper never wants to lose sight of what’s most important — the people who work for and with Viper. Viper is a company that was built by a family. It’s a workplace where coworkers and clients become friends.  Everyone is empowered and equipped to grow in all aspects of their lives.


Viper Industrial operates by communicating internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty, and respect. In line with this, Viper Industrial believes that having a good foundation of trust within the workplace enables employees to be more accountable for their actions.


Viper Industry invests in the most up-to-date technology and equipment as we continuously look for ways to improve their operations. Our team ensures that we’re always ready to extend our capacity and continue growing.  Innovation occurs in new processes, equipment, assets, training, safety procedures, and more resulting in improvement and efficiency.