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2022 F/G Phase Turn Around

Start Date: April 27th, 2022
End Date: May 11th, 2022
Project Scope: 6 trucks, 15 team members.


Viper Industrial was brought in for the removal of all liquid and solid contaminants using HP equipment up to 20K PSI so that a regulatory inspection could be completed. Our client has several tanks of this type at various sites, and we have worked together on similar projects for many years due to our expertise in cleaning, excellent final results, and our skill in finding solutions to unexpected issues and problems. Our client uses Viper for all types of industrial cleaning including storage and production tanks, treaters, separators, pressure vessels, exchanger tubes and shells.

The Challenge

To clean the tank and other associated equipment (pumps, lines, tanks, piping) within a tight timeline using the smallest footprint possible so that other work could be completed at the same time.

The Solution

We performed site visits with the client to map out the physical needs and also the “What, When, Where and What if” scenarios. Use of PID’s. We had one-on-one meetings with the different departments involved on the client’s side, as well as extensive internal planning. We were able to complete this project within just a few days.

We ensured we knew the client’s needs and expectations, and that we would be able to meet them. By using schematic drawings to produce site specific procedures, we were able to accomplish all necessary tasks efficiently and safely, we then presented all the work to the client for approval.

The Results

The end results were as expected, on time, on budget and with zero incidents. Our client was very happy with the end result and the manner in which it was achieved. After our job was done, the client was able to complete all other ancillary work being performed by other companies including welding, sandblasting, inspections and found repairs.

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