Case Study

Turnaround lead contractor on a multi-contractor site

Viper was employed as Lead Contractor for a SAGD facility shutdown.

The client requested our services to clean a water reuse system, including warm lime softener with regen tank, overflow tank, caustic & hydrochloric tanks, and backwash tanks, for 5 year regulatory inspections. Viper provided our cleaning fleet as well as overseen multiple contractors.

Viper provided site supervision both day and night shift, planned and implemented safety policies & procedures. We successfully cleaned 9 large capacity water reuse system tanks in only 10 days, on time & on schedule.

At the same time we drained and cleaned a  6000m3 skim tank. We employed our high pressure, chemical unit & gamma jets and fleet of fluid units, in combination with confined space entry.

Viper completed the project incident free, no medical aid, loss time, or vehicle accidents, and logging over 7200 man hours.

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