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With a growing fleet of 30 units and a wealth of experience and knowledge, Viper strives to provide quality oilfield and industrial cleaning services at competitive prices.  We are an industry leader by providing you with superior management and quality personnel with a focus on safety and efficiency.  Our goal is to forge relationships with our customers by providing excellent, knowledgeable service.

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Tank Cleaning & Vessel Cleaning

We are equipped with the latest equipment & technology for all your tank cleaning needs.

With 15 years of tank cleaning experience we can develop a custom work procedure specific to your tank cleaning needs.  Our time tested procedures & health and safety commitment, means we can save you time & money on your next project.  Our knowledgeable staff have experience cleaning all of the following:

Acid Tanks
Caustic Tanks
Produced Water
Condensate Tanks
Production Tanks
Produced Water
Fuel Storage Tanks
Skim Tanks
Desand Tanks

Vessels can be cleaned by a closed loop system with chemical circulation followed up with confined space entry to remove remaining solids and final wash to spec if required.  Viper is experienced cleaning the following types of vessels:

Oil Treaters
Slug Catchers
Oil Recovery Filters

Exchanger Cleaning

Viper provides both shell side and tube side exchanger cleaning and offers a range of high pressure water blasting technology & chemical cleaning methods to ensure bundles are throughly cleaned inside and out.

Viper’s team of trained industrial cleaning specialist’s, will safely and efficiently remove deposits and other residues that reduce the efficiency of your exchanger. Our onsite team works closely with operations to develop lockouts that optimize the cleaning process of exchanger bundles.  Viper’s cleaning technologies allow cleaning of both horizontal and vertical exchangers in straight or u-tube bundle configurations.

Chemical Cleaning
Dual & Triple Flex Lance
Single-Lance Tube Cleaning
High pressure water blasting

High pressure pumps

Hammelmann 750 HP Pump

Hammelmann 750 HP Pump offers a wide range of water jetting equipment.  The Hammelmann high pressure system is premium German quality and is designed for tough, continuous operation. When the job demands reliability and power, and safety is of foremost importance, this is the right HP Pump for the job. Our HP Pumps work for surface blasting, tube bundle cleaning, pipe and sewer cleaning and tank cleaning.


Jetstream is a leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of innovative high-pressure waterblasting products and solutions for a wide range of applications including industrial cleaning, surface preparation, hydro-demolition and abrasive waterjet cutting. The 300HP Jetstream pump has a small footprint & is convenient for tight work spaces.  The simple & rugged construction deliver’s exceptional performance, maximum safety and productivity, and minimal downtime on every job.  This pump delivers 10,000PSI - 20,000PSI pressure.

Chemical Unit

Viper’s chemical cleaning unit is equipped with a 5 million BTU burner and high volume circulation pumps ideal for the following applications:

Mixing tanks
Heating equipment & standby pumps
Produced Water
Chemical Washing
Neutralizing Tanks
High Volume Fluid Transfers

High Pressure Cannon

Our custom engineered Non-Entry HP Door Cannon, is equipped with two High Pressure Cannons up to 300 Gallons per minute capacity. These remote operated cannons are mounted to any manway and controlled via the command centref, away from the work being performed for maximum safety.  The cannons eliminate the need for confined space entry & do a superior cleaning job.  The Non-Entry High Pressure Door Cannon is equipped with intrinsically safe LED lighting & camera system, as well as cannon extension and rotation capability.  

Confined Space Entry

When specialized tools are not enough, confined space entry is used to clean storage tanks, vessels, towers and other processing equipment.

Our confined space specialists are well equipped & property trained to perform cleaning tasks under air.  Custom safe work procedures are developed for each tank entry, by supervisors, with input from all involved to make sure the job is done in a safe manner.  Customers can have confidence in our ability to safely supply confined space entry.

Turnaround Services

Viper is an experienced turnaround service provider, having been lead contractor on multi- contractor projects for our customers.
The need for planning & scheduling is essential for a successful turnaround, where deadlines are tight & multiple jobs are being performed consecutively.  Viper has successfully & safely completed many turnarounds, cleaning storage tanks, vessels & processing equipment for inspection purpose

Complete comprehensive job planning
Qualified coordinator & supervision
Trained labour force
Fluid transfers
Confined space entry
Chemical Cleaning
High pressure Cleaning
Safety advisory
Custom solutions to custom jobs

Fluid Division

All the support equipment necessary to be a one stop shop.  We can do your custom cleaning job as well as supply equipment for water support, thawing, clean up, & disposal.

Fleet Includes

Water Trucks

Supply water for various applications: watering roads, raw water, hydro media.   14m3 Tandem & 22m3 Tri-drive trucks available

Hydro Vac

this unit is designed to remove or move ground with pressurized water.  A vacuum is then used to transfer the debris to a debris tank.  This allows for a non-destructive and safer way to excavate soil.  Our Hydro-vac is TDG regulated, full spec 407 TDG tank, which means we can transport contaminated goods  in our unit for disposal. Equipped with a high CFM blower.

Body Job Vac’s & Semi-Vac’s

Used for product transport and disposal, spill clean up, hazardous & non-hazardous waste disposal. A vacuum truck is designed to pneumatically load solids, liquids, sludge or slurry.  Range of Tandem & Tri-drive units.

Combo Vac

These units combine a vac & steam truck in one unit.  Used to clean up & transport fluids, spills, and waste material.  Ideal for thawing, tank cleaning & service rig work.

Pressure Trucks

Viper’s pressure trucks are equipped with a 5000 PSI tri plex pump.  These units are available clean or dirty & can be used for all your hydro- testing needs.  The on board digital documentation for pressure & flow rates can be printed for your records.  Used for well service rigs, well loading, field work.


Viper uses 1.2 Million BTU burner steamer which is used for pressure washing, steaming or thawing.  Our steamer is capable of doing wet or dry steam, depending on your needs.  Dry steam is used for heating or circulating in winter months.  Viper is also equipped with a Foaming Unit for fin fan tank & aerial cooler cleaning.

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