Industrial Chemical Cleaning Services

Viper Industrial uses a powerful chemical cleaning unit equipped with two mixing tanks and a 5.3 million BTU, high efficiency boiler that provides the best industrial chemical cleaning services in Alberta. The chemical unit is ideal for tank cleaning, tank-to-tank transfers, heating fluids, and pipeline testing and filling.

The unit is a closed loop, so there is less chance of spillage and additional safety within the unit. We also provide our own containment tarps to ensure there are no leaks of ground contamination.

Why Choose Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning offers increased efficiency when cleaning tanks, exchangers and heating equipment, and pumps. Chemical cleaning is faster as sludge and buildup are completely rinsed away without needing to supply physical pressure, and there is more versatility in the way industrial equipment can be cleaned. The added efficiency makes chemical cleaning more cost effective as there is reduced downtime. 

Chemical cleaning also provides additional safety benefits. With the use of chemicals, there is a reduced need for confined space entry. Our team wears specialized chemical PPE, and we have industrial technicians for constant monitoring to ensure that all chemical cleaning projects are completed safely.

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