Industrial Pressure Washing Services

Viper Industrial has two high-pressure pumps that provide industrial pressure washing services. Many industries find sludge and buildup on their equipment, and high-pressure pumps are the best way to fully remove any dirt and contaminants. 

We are a part of the WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA) and follow all safety standards provided by the association. Our team also undergoes extensive training for high pressure pumps. Viper Industrial has developed online training courses, and then our team goes through on site training as well.

Our High Pressure Washing Pumps

We have two high pressure pumps for different facility and equipment needs.

Jet Stream

This high pressure pump is 350 horsepower, 22 000 PSI, with a 15 to 40K pressure range. This pump is perfect for exchanger, tank, and line cleaning.

Hammelmann Pump

The Hammelmann high pressure pump is 750 horsepower with 22 000 PSI and a pressure range of 15 to 40k. This is our newest high pressure pump and offers a variety of perks. The Hammelmann pump is more automated for additional safety and efficiency and can clean equipment of all kinds.

Why Choose Viper

Viper Industrial is the right choice for all your high pressure pump needs. We have high quality equipment and are always looking for new technology and more efficient ways of doing things. Our equipment is always in working condition as we perform regular checks and maintenance to ensure everything is ready to use at all times, but, above that, our team is highly trained for problem solving and troubleshooting. Our team knows what to look for and how to adjust a job to ensure it gets done correctly with reduced downtime.

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