Industrial Tank Cleaning Services

Viper offers industrial tank cleaning services for tanks and vessels of all types. Tank cleaning is a regulatory requirement for tanks every five years. We offer 24/7 work coverage with our tank cleaning services to ensure there is as little downtime for your project as possible. We understand that shutting down operations for cleaning and maintenance can be tedious, that’s why we work efficiently with a highly trained team so you can get back to work as early as possible. 

Industrial tank cleaning can have a variety of difficulties. Removing solids and difficult coatings, not knowing the state of the tank or what’s inside, and finding safe access to the tank. You can trust Viper Industrial to get the job done correctly. Our team is highly experienced and trained and we have a large quantity of trucks and equipment at our disposal. We employ a fantastic process for every project to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible.

industrial tank cleaning

Our Process

When you work with Viper Industrial, you can rest assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way. We will meet with you ahead of time to view the tank and inspect the site, identify access ways, ensure we can bring in all the equipment we need for cleaning and safety, review the internal and external tank schematics (PNID), and then provide you with a quote and schedule. Our team is highly experienced and works on a 24 hours schedule to ensure that there is as little disruption to your project as possible. We limit downtime to the best of our abilities. Contact us to start the process of getting your tank cleaned!

Confined Space Entry

Industrial tank cleaning often requires confined space entry. Viper Industrial works with advanced equipment for automatic and remote controlled cleaning to keep our team out of the tanks as much as possible. However, there are times when automatic tools are not an option. 

Confined space entry means there is only one access in or out of the tank. This leads to added safety concerns where there is an increase in gasses, heat exhaustion, tripping hazards, lack of light, communication issues, and increased noise pollution. 

Our team undergoes extensive training for confined space entry. Every team member has their confined space certifications and receives a refresher course every two years. We provide specialty PPE, hand signals training, industry training for H2S, monthly safety meetings, and a confined space-specific FLHA. When our team enters a confined space, we have a monitor and rescue team at the ready, as well as a third party safety team. 

If you need confined space entry and tank cleaning, trust that Viper Industrial will get the job done safely and correctly. We don’t believe in downtime, we believe in legendary efficiency and execution.

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