What is the Difference Between Industrial Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning?

Sometimes, industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning are used interchangeably; however, this is actually untrue! Industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning are very different service offerings. So, what actually is the difference between industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning? Continue reading to learn more about the differences, what makes industrial cleaning special, and how Viper Industrial can help you with your next industrial cleaning project!

What is Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is the process of cleaning industrial facilities. This includes manufacturing facilities, plants, factories, storage tanks and vessels, mills, and more. Industrial cleaning is a far more complicated and comprehensive process than other types of cleaning. Industrial cleaning is predominantly used for maintenance, regulatory requirements, and health and safety. 

Industrial cleaning can vary from spillage cleanup to entire facility shutdowns. If there is an issue found, such as an oil or chemical spill or there is build up impeding equipment, industrial cleaning specialists need to get to site as soon as possible to remedy the situation. Other types of industrial cleaning, such as site shut-downs to clean an entire facility, are booked months in advance with in-depth planning to ensure that there is as little disruption to the facility as possible. 

Industrial cleaning carries many safety hazards including toxic substances, chemical risks, high pressure equipment, confined space entry, and more. Because there are more hazardous risks associated with industrial cleaning, personnel are required to go through extensive training and ensure that there are established safety procedures in place. 

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is cleaning a business or commercial space. Commercial cleaning requires more specialized equipment and chemicals than, for example, cleaning a personal home, but commercial cleaning is over less strenuous or hazardous than infrequent cleaning. Types of commercial cleaning include gyms, offices, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, restaurants, commercial restrooms, hotels, and more. Commercial cleaning ensures that public and commercial spaces are safe and sanitary for people within those spaces. Commercial cleaning requires advanced trailing, knowledge, and technology to ensure that staff and visitors are safe and comfortable.

What are the Primary Differences between Industrial and Commercial Cleaning?

The main differences between commercial and industrial cleaning are in location and what is being cleaned. Industrial cleaning involves large, industrial facilities that are more removed from city centres, while commercial cleaning is smaller-scale, urban businesses. Industrial cleaning is large-scale cleaning that is regulatory in nature. Commercial cleaning is more routine and involves a regular cleaning of the same areas, sometimes even on a daily basis. Industrial cleaning can often take months of planning to execute properly, while commercial cleaning is more standardized. Another key difference between industrial and commercial cleaning is the safety procedures and hazardous conditions. Industrial cleaning requires more safety training and specialized equipment, as well as dedicated safety teams. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, requires simpler safety procedures and standard equipment.

Benefits of Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning from specialized companies is often a requirement from governments and regulatory bodies. In industries like the oil and gas industry it is required by law for vessels, tanks, and facilities to be properly cleaned for quality control and safety. The main benefits of industrial cleaning include:

  • Added safety benefits
  • More efficiency in production
  • Less downtime
  • In line with procedures and regulations
  • Peace of mind

If you’re an industrial facility from the oil and gas industry to manufacturing plans and mills to marinas, contact Viper Industrial! Our team of specialized industrial cleaning experts will ensure your industrial facility is in perfect condition!

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