Case Studies

Spring 2022 T/A

Start Date: May 5th, 2022
End Date: May 13th, 2022


This was a full plant turnaround and was only the second time we had worked for this client. The project included a large scope and an unclear timeline, and Viper was able to execute the project to the client’s satisfaction.

The Challenge

The scope of work included Tank and vessel cleaning which meant confined space entry was required. Also, numerous exchanger shells required cleaning for inspection. No firm schedules were ever given to Viper to follow, so there was a lot of confusion on when certain projects had to be executed. Viper also experienced the challenge of workforce shortages, and many Viper personnel had to take on multiple tasks to complete the workload.

Viper had multiple 3rd party vendors working under our umbrella which Viper supervision had to manage closely to ensure quality of work provided was within our standards.

The Solution

We provided safe and correct solutions for all of our client’s needs. On any scope of work Viper did, we discussed as a team and all angles were looked at. Viper supervision then confirmed the plans and informed our client on procedures and timelines that were to be followed.

Some solutions took longer than others depending on the size of the project and how many potential risks that had to be eliminated. We identified the problem and implemented the correct steps to ensure the work was executed in a safe, timely and professional manner.

The Results

The end results were exactly what both Viper personnel and the client expected. If any changes to the work scope were required, it was discussed between Viper and the client before any work began. Our client was very impressed with how Viper interacted with company personnel regarding progress and execution plans. The warm lime softener tank that we cleaned was a critical part of the customers T/A, and Viper executed the work to a high quality and completed the work slightly under the set schedule. Our client commented on the work executed and informed us it was the cleanest they had ever seen the tank. We were able to assist the client in ramping-up their plant on time which resulted in huge cost savings for the client.

Our client had great confidence they had for our team. They respected and trusted in decisions that our leadership brought to the table, and trusted in the years of experience Viper has in this field to execute all work scopes carried out safely and in a timely manner. Viper and client personnel worked closely together to achieve the results that both parties expected.

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