Working to Be Legendary with Viper

Viper Industrial is a legend in the industrial cleaning industry. We’re constantly growing and changing to bring the best to our customers and their projects. Everything we do, we do to be the legends our customers need.

Our Values are Legendary 

One of the ways Viper Industrial is legendary is through our core values. These values are what drive us, move us to do better and be better. Viper Industrial is committed to living out our values, which is part of what makes us legendary. Not only do we seek to be the best industrial cleaning company available, we also want to ensure our team members are able to thrive within our company.

Safety and Security

Viper Industrial is an industry leader when it comes to OH&S standards within Alberta. We strive to build safety conscious industry leaders who promote not only safety diligence at work, but we want our team to take this outlook home as well. Viper Industrial is a COR certified partner with the ACSA and is committed to creating a proactive health and safety culture in the workplace, improving efficiency overall for our customers.

Profound Impact

At Viper Industrial, we want to profoundly impact all stakeholders in order for them to see the value of the company and its servicing. Our goal is to profoundly impact client operations with efficient and effective service, increase equipment longevity to ensure maximal performance,  enhance employees personal and professional growth, and demonstrate the immeasurable power of our collective effort to effect positive, ground-breaking work.

Putting People First

As our company continues to grow, we never want to lose sight of what’s most important — the people who work for and with Viper. Viper is a company built by family. It’s a workplace where coworkers and clients become friends.  Everyone is empowered and equipped to grow in all aspects of their lives. Viper Industrial develops its people by providing an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth. Employees are encouraged to level up their careers as the business grows. Viper Industrial offers support including on and off-site training and mentoring to ensure its employees are confident to execute tasks and think on their feet.


Viper Industrial operates by communicating internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty, and respect. In line with this, Viper Industrial believes that having a good foundation of trust within the workplace enables employees to be more accountable for their actions. 


Viper Industry invests in the most up-to-date technology and equipment as we continuously look for ways to improve our operations. We seek to ensure that we’re ready to extend our capacity and continue growing. Our company is finding new forms of innovation through new processes, equipment, assets, training, and safety procedures.

Our Equipment is Legendary

Viper Industrial has a legendary collection of trucks and equipment. We’re always expanding our toolbox and equipment to ensure that we can offer our customers the best service for their project. We have over thirty trucks in our fleet which ensures that we can always find the right equipment for the job. With high pressure pumps, high volume cannons, chemical units, and a fluid division, we have a legendary amount of equipment. Whatever the job, we have the equipment to get it done right.

Our Team is Legendary

What makes Viper the most legendary are the people we work with. We’re committed to helping our team members become the legends we know they are. We provide extensive training for all our employees, and we ensure that they are able to attain new licenses and certifications and professional development. We encourage everyone in our company to provide feedback and input when we’re planning jobs. Everyone on our team are experts in the field of industrial cleaning. 

We seek to empower our employees to take initiative and be the best they can be. Our team members are like family to us here at Viper, so we want to ensure that the members of our team feel supported and cared for at work and at home. Caring for each other and encouraging growth is what contributes to our legendary work environment.

Join Viper’s Legendary Team

If you want to inspire others and contribute to legendary work, Viper Industrial may be the place for you! We’re always looking for experienced operators to join our team, but we also have space for new employees looking to learn a new skill! We have fantastic training opportunities and support systems, so even if you’ve never worked in the oil and gas industry or with industrial cleaning, there could be a place for you! 

Viper is all about being legendary. Whether that’s our legendary efficiency and work ethic, presenting new and innovative ideas to our customers, or helping our team thrive, we’re legends in every aspect of our business.

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